Silver 2022: More Backwardation!

Will 2021 be remembered as the year silver finally breaks loose of its massive, short positions, or will it be yet another year that sees its price(s) stagnate? Physical demand for the metal was off this year because of the pandemic even though there are more electric vehicles on the road, and solar panels on…

Gold VS Crypto

Gold Bullion vs Crypto Currencies

Unfortunately, I was one of those who ignored crypto currencies in the beginning. For a lousy few thousand bucks I could have made millions. At the time I simply had my head in the sand when it came to really cool easy ways to get rich. As the years went by and Bitcoin went into…


The Best Way to Buy Silver Bullion

Silver bullion has seen unprecedented demand the past 18 months, for unprecedented reasons. As the financial arena becomes more complex, a growing number of investors worldwide have turned their attention to precious metals bullion. Wise investors who seek an alternative to other mainstream investment vehicles, like the idea of having a portion of their assets…