$20 Saint Gaudens Double Eagle

Double Eagle Special!

The $20 Saint Gaudens Double Eagle is one of the most popular gold coins in history. The brilliance and beauty of the design brings back a time when hard money dominated the scene. Today, the $20 Saint Gaudens Double Eagle serves as a reminder what real money used to look like. The story behind the…


How to Sell Your Precious Metals

When you make the decision to sell your metals there are several steps that need to be completed to ensure you get fair market value and the sale goes smoothly. To begin you must take inventory of the metals you plan to sell. Get an idea what the metals market price is for the metals…


Gold Coins vs Gold Bullion

When you make the decision to buy gold, there are a few things you should consider first. For starters you will need to decide what form of gold you want to buy, and what purpose it will serve. This is where it gets interesting. Not every gold coin and gold bullion product are the same.…