5 Reasons To Buy Silver Bullion

5 reasons to buy silver bullion now

5 Reasons To Buy Silver Bullion explains some of the keys to a better understanding why its imperative you consider protecting your assets with silver bullion.

  1. It’s affordable

    With a whopping 90:1 ratio compared to gold, you cannot find a better bargain or time to buy silver bullion. Premiums for bullion coins and bars are skyrocketing as global demand increases, squeezing production and supply. Regardless, if you want to stretch your dollar, we recommend you pay close attention to silver while the prices are low and products are available. 
  1. Tremendous Upside Potential

    Silver is selling well under its $50 all-time high yet languishing in price. The best explanation is that global ETFs are dumping silver because of the stronger dollar, which has rebounded with rising interest rates. Remember who controls over 50% of the deliverable silver in the COMEX warehouse – JP Morgan. With the world in chaos and a currency that’s all but lost its credibility, silver will once again be testing its all-time highs. This is one of the most important reasons 5 Reasons To Buy Silver Bullion!

  2. It’s Highly Liquid

    In a world of failing banks and crypto, it’s a safe bet to say you can convert your silver bullion into virtually any currency or tangible asset worldwide. One of the primary reasons people buy silver bullion is because it’s easy to sell if you have an emergency. Also, the price is easy to track daily as it trades on a global market.

  3. It’s Popular

    In 2021 silver recorded a nine-year high at $25.10 per ounce. The pandemic brought major labor deficits at the mining level, and although mining production increased in 2021, it did not meet the predicted growth. This gives us a fairly large shortage in the above-ground supply. It’s not just investment-grade silver bullion but the thousands of applications in technology and manufacturing that are eating the pool. Another huge reason 5 Reasons To Buy Silver Bullion makes sense.
  1. It’s Recession-Proof

    The answer here is yes and no. The word recession means different things to different people, evidently these days. What we do know is inflation is slowly bleeding middle-class America dry. During hard economic times, people who buy silver bullion are looking for an anchor for their portfolio. If you want to protect your assets, you must find a way to convert a portion of your wealth into silver bullion. 


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