5 Tips for Handling Coins

5 Tips for Handling Precious Metal Coins Properly

In our 5 Tips for Handling Coins, we will discuss how handling your precious metals coins will help them retain their numismatic value. Leaving marks from your fingers, trying to wipe them clean, or dropping them can decrease their value. This is important for coins like; proof coins, uncirculated coins, and rare coins because they are valued for more than their metal content. Some coins will be softer than others depending on the alloy of metals used. Gold, for example, is very malleable especially when it’s more pure.

A 2014 1 oz. Canadian Gold Howling Wolf is much more prone to damage because it’s made with an astounding .99999 (99.999%) fine gold. Being that these are very expensive, you will want to learn the best way to handle them and any coin you purchase.

Tip #1

If your coins are in protective plastic capsules or holders you should refrain from removing them. They help to keep moisture out. If you need to remove them then continue on to the next tip!

Tip #2

Examine and handle your coins on a soft surface close to the ground. A towel or soft blanket would work well. If you plan to use a table, lay something down on the floor to catch any you may drop.

Tip #3

Wash your hands well or use hand sanitizer before you handle your coins. The oils on the skin are sure to leave marks and are damaging to the coin. Another option is to wear gloves but the risk of dropping the coin is higher.

Tip #4

Only handle your coins on their edges, never the face and don’t try to shine them. Even with clean hands or cloth a bit of dust or dirt can scratch the surface.

Tip #5

Don’t breath on the coins or use your saliva to clean them. Keep them away from your face to avoid accidently spitting. The moisture from your breath isn’t good for the coins and spit (especially from talking and chewing gum) can cause spots on the coins.


Follow these 5 tips and you can examine your coins while preserving their value. If your coins don’t have cases or holders consider using air-tite individual plastic holders, which will protect them from moisture. When you store your coins, keep them in a cool, dry environment. Learn more about storing your precious metals.

If you have any other questions about storing and handling precious metal coins feel free to contact us today by email or phone 888-928-3390.

Stacked Gold Coins Photo Credit: www.freedigitalphotos.net

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