About Us

Midwest Bullion Exchange, Inc is a full service precious metals broker/dealer that  is fully accredited with an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. Our extensive background in the precious metals industry, gives our customers the edge when making the decision to buy bullion online. The knowledge we have gained from our personal experience as brokers and managers, helps us identify our customers’ needs quickly and efficiently. We understand every situation is different and our highly trained personnel are sensitive to those who want to learn more.

We’re also the only fully licensed and bonded precious metals dealer on the internet. Since the inception of the internet, it is now possible for investors to buy bullion online, eliminating the stress of working with a traditional broker. Midwest Bullion Exchange, Inc. utilizes state of the art software that protects the security and identity of our customers and ensures a smooth transaction. Our technology gives you the ability to set up your own personal account, place an order, and track your package of gold, silver, or platinum bullion right to your doorstep. We also have Precious Metals Advisers available at: 888-928-3390 to answer any immediate questions you may have. We offer the most popular products at the best prices. Our primary focus is certified gold and silver bullion coins and bars, including 90% junk silver, We also offer a wide range of privately minted products that meet the highest industry standards for weight and purity. Many of these products are eligible to be held in the Precious Metals IRA. This is a program that allows you to hold gold and silver bullion in your retirement.

These days gold and silver bullion ownership is essential.  Give us a call today to learn more about the financial benefits our products provide. We appreciate your visit today and hope you will soon choose Midwest Bullion Exchange, Inc., to be you’re trusted partner and precious metals provider.


Scott Hage
Founder & Chairman
Midwest Bullion Exchange, Inc