Americans Prep for Banking Meltdown!


How can a sophisticated nation like Cyprus get away with taking 40% of its citizens money legally? Cypriot banking ministers and government leaders say they had little choice but to take action and prevent a catastrophic collapse of their banking system.  If you had your money in one of the Cyprus banks that recently had all of its banking activities frozen, you know what it feels like to be at the mercy of a government. The bottom line is this is not the first time we have seen a government steal from its citizens and guarantee it won’t be the last.

What we do know is this quick remedy does little more than kick the can further down the road and is a total waste of depositor funds.  There were plenty of warning signs before the crises in Cyprus, but why were so many people caught off guard when the announcement was made to freeze all banking activity? All of these mostly honest hard working folks ultimately thought their money was safe. Many of the depositors were ultra wealthy and highly sophisticated Russian investors who kept a portion of their wealth outside of the reach of the Russian government much like American investors who keep their wealth in the Cayman Islands.

Exit Strategy?

Is it possible US banks could freeze our bank accounts?  Every day in the US our population sees 10,000 people turn 65 years old. Better known as “baby-boomers”, these folks don’t exactly get the warm fuzzes when the subject turns to Wall Street, the dollar or the economy. Bottom line is most boomers are skeptical about our countries financial situation and want ultimate protection for their precious retirement dollars, but oddly have the majority of their wealth in one form or another connected to Wall Street, and the dollar. Why is that?

Let’s agree on something: Americans are nervous about the economy and are losing faith in the dollar and our government by the minute. We are suddenly seeing and hearing even more television & radio commercials promoting gold and silver bullion coins and bars. Keep in mind the boomer population controls a massive amount of wealth – easily enough to wipe out all of the above ground gold and silver bullion supplies. The US Mint is already having a hard time meeting the demand for the popular American Silver Eagle coins and this is with just a sliver of our population buying. If the boomer population decides to shift 20% of its dollars into gold and silver bullion bars and coins all at once, gold and silver bullion stock piles will disappear overnight! good luck finding even one merc dime for sale!

Best Advice: At this critical stage of our economy we feel the clear choice is to buy gold and silver bullion bars and coins.  Your decision to buy gold and silver bullion now ensures you will pay a lower premium, and are not met with a long shipping delay.

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Scott Hage
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