Why People Buy Rhodium

Rhodium is a noble metal which is found in platinum ores and is considered one of the most rare and valuable of all precious metals. Because it is mined as a by-product, its availability is largely determined by mining production from other metals like platinum. Rhodium is used heavily in manufacturing, auto making and jewelry. It has displayed at times highly volatile shifts in price hitting nearly $9,500 per ounce in 2008 (later falling to $1,000 per oz. by Jan – 09).

  • Current price near 30 year low
  • Rhodium extremely scarce
  • Rhodium bars minted by Baird & Co. Ltd London

Today bullion investors are intrigued with rhodium as an investment. With the current rhodium spot price near the $650 mark, rhodium appears to have great upside potential. What happened to rhodium prices in 2008 is speculation, with rogue Wall Street investors being one of the main culprits for its tremendous rise and fall. We did see an increase in support from the auto industry during this time but one thing is clear: Rhodium is a precious metal in tight physical supply.

Why should you consider rhodium for your portfolio? Diversification! And with the spot price at this level we feel rhodium has tremendous upside potential. We recommend Baird & Co bars minted in London that are available in .10 oz, .25 oz, .50 oz, 1 oz, and 5 oz bars. We feel these Rhodium bars are the best available in the market place. The bars are shipped in the original mint packaging with certificate and assay card. The bars also include the Baird & Co logo, weight, purity, content and a serial number that matches the assay card.

If you want to buy Rhodium bullion or other bullion products and have a question please don’t hesitate to call us at 888-928-3390. People who bought Rhodium bars also purchase platinum bars.