Buy the Bear!

Buy The Bear!

Buy the Bear?


What exactly does that mean? You have to take what the market gives you when buying precious metals. When the bulls are off and running and the prices soar, people buy. This is usually fueled by a large dose of negative data from the US Dollar and equity markets,  AND overzealous media! Even “small” things like military conflicts and geopolitical unrest seem to faze the metal’s complex anymore. On the flip side, people watch when prices fall back to lower levels. Wiser precious metals investors always wait for the lowest price, so they can add to their position at a discount. Of course, the big question here is, “What exactly is the lowest price?”.

There are several different strategies for buying precious metals that you can physically store in your private safe. Some people watch the charts and try to cost average their position, while others gradually accumulate much like a savings account. Some people prefer to hold their liquidity in hard assets like gold, silver, and platinum bars, as an alternative to keeping their wealth in a bank, (or at least all of it!). One of the most popular programs today is the Precious Metals IRA. This program allows you to convert your current traditional IRA into a select group of certified investment-grade gold, silver, and platinum bars and coins.

Where are we going with this? BUY THE BEAR! If you are remotely thinking about adding to your position or thinking about that first purchase, you have a unique opportunity before you. Now is the time to get your gold bars, platinum bars, and American Silver Eagle coins at a discount! If you have precious dollars sitting in an IRA at the top, we recommend you roll over a portion of those dollars into a Precious Metals IRA.  If you are over-invested in stocks or have an unnecessarily high cash position, now is the time to look at the safest form of wealth mankind has ever known. This is NOT a time to sit back and watch, but rather a time to take control.



Midwest Bullion Exchange, Inc.Disclaimer: Midwest Bullion Exchange, Inc. is a precious metals broker/dealer and is not a licensed investment adviser. Although we strongly advocate programs that allow you to hold precious metals in your retirement, we cannot predict the future performance of precious metals, or programs that allow precious metals. Furthermore, we recommend that you consult with a professional tax adviser when making decisions that carry tax liabilities. Midwest Bullion Exchange, Inc. reserves the right to decline services to individuals after it has been determined the products and services offered by Midwest Bullion Exchange, Inc. are not suitable for the individual. The author has made every effort to ensure accuracy of information provided; however, neither Midwest Bullion Exchange, Inc., nor the author can guarantee complete accuracy. This article is for informational purposes only. Midwest Bullion Exchange, Inc. and the author of this article do not accept any fault for losses and/or damages arising from the use of this publication.

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