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20 St Gaudens Double Eagle reverse

The $20 Saint Gaudens Double Eagle is one of the most popular gold coins in history. The brilliance and beauty of the design brings back a time when hard money dominated the scene. Today, the $20 Saint Gaudens Double Eagle serves as a reminder what real money used to look like.

The Worlds Greatest Gold Coin!

The story behind the creation of the coin is remarkable. Then President Theodore Roosevelt described the gold coinage of the day, “I think the state of our coinage is artistically of atrocious hideousness”. His plan was to bypass Congress`s approval to change the coinage, and commission famed sculptor Augustus Saint-Gauden to design a new coin. To keep the project low key and out of sight of the Mint the first models of the coin were produced in Paris. Upon seeing the models for the first time, President Roosevelt  instructed the Director of the Mint to immediately begin production of the coin.

Gold bullion investors who want to diversify their portfolios prefer the $20 Saint Gaudens Double Eagle for a number of reasons. The high bullion content of the coin boasts .96750 oz. of pure gold. The $20 Saint Gaudens has a composition of .900 gold and .100 copper. The copper was alloyed with the gold to make the coin more durable for everyday pocket carry and commerce. These are the same coins used to build America and was a beacon of hope during some of our countries darkest times.

The coins were produced at 3 different US Mint locations, Denver, San Francisco, and Philadelphia.

A coin in XF condition (extra fine) may contain bag marks, and will generally show light wear on the coins high points. Some mint luster could be present, and you should expect the coins design details to be sharp.

The $20 Saint Gaudens Double Eagle Coin (XF) offers great value for a coin held in such high regard. There is not a better feeling than having a roll or two of these prized coins safely stored in your safe at home, or lock box at the bank.

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