Gold VS Digital Currency

Gold VS Digital Currency

It shouldn’t surprise you that the validity and legitimacy of the US dollar (USD) is today in question. In our Gold vs Digital Currency post, you will learn that never in American history have we seen this much cash printed in such a short period of time. If this massive injection of fiat is because of the pandemic, we must find out who or what caused the pandemic. If we are being artificially manipulated and abused financially by a sinister movement, we must rise up and stop it dead in its tracks. But how is that supposed to work, and who organizes it?

Banking Cartel

One thing is certain; the USD is seriously on the ropes. Although it is still the world’s primary currency, the masses are curiously interested in a more  “fair” alternative. What I mean by fair is the future value and buying power of your money and retirement assets that are not artificially manipulated and abused, that are not controlled by the banking cartel. 

Since the Biden White House released its framework for the Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and monetary policy, the world has moved perilously closer to a nuclear world war. Is this simply a coincidence? Or is this a desperate administration and government that knows the jig is up? Many of our oldest and proudest institutions are being run by hacks with low integrity, for example, the DOJ, FBI, and CIA. Then consider the strategies of federally regulated banks like Bank of America, which is cutting tons of jobs in their investment-banking business. Other major players cutting massive amounts of jobs are Morgan Stanley, and Goldman Sachs, and J.P. Morgan.


So where does all of this leave you financially? The bottom line is that the future of the USD is in play and the greedy deep state is plotting its next moves for the banking system, and our wealth. The new “Fed Coin”, will be introduced in July of 2023 and will enable the US government and its agencies to track and monitor your wealth, and movement. Inflation will be the biggest game changer for many and will not go down anytime soon. Everything you have worked your entire life to save could disappear rapidly.


There is one asset that is still known as the perfect form of money – gold and silver bullion coins and bars! These metals have survived the rise and fall of civilizations throughout time. If you want to be in the driver’s seat and serve as your own central bank, there is no better alternative than gold and silver bullion period! If privacy matters, if liquidity matters, if keeping your wealth intact matters, we recommend you learn more about gold and silver bullion coins and bars!

The longer you ignore reality and think none of this is possible, the more you will seal your own financial fate. Take our very sound advice and email us at, for a free consultation.


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