How to Sell Gold and Silver Bullion

How to Sell Gold and Silver Bullion

Most metals companies these days want to sell you gold and silver bullion, but what if you’re going to sell your gold and silver bullion? How do you know you will get paid the fair market price? What happens if your package gets lost during the shipping process? The following will help you better understand how to sell gold and silver bullion. 

A few key factors should be considered before you decide to send your precious metals. 

  1. Weight:

     When shipping silver you should keep the weight around 35 lbs, or 500 ounces. We always recommend double-boxing your shipments to ensure your precious metals are packed tightly. 
  2. Value:

    You must insure your precious metals for the value of the contents you are shipping. Please remember that USPS will only insure up to 50K, which is a problem when shipping gold kilo bars. 
  3. Cost:

    You will need to consider your cost for shipping and insurance. You may also want to factor in shipping materials and your time. If you are shipping a larger amount, we may want to transport the metals via Brinks or Loomis, and this will require a quote before the metals are shipped. 
  4. Security:

    We believe we have seen every possible problem that could arise when shipping and liquidating precious metals. We provide one on one consultation when you decide to liquidate your precious metals to ensure a positive outcome.
  5. Packaging:

    We always recommend shipping the metals in the original packaging. If this is not possible, find a solid box in good condition and see if you can find another box that fits it. Double-boxing makes sense, and use plenty of packing paper to ensure your metals do not rattle around while being shipped. When shipping and insuring through USPS, be advised brown paper tape is required to cover any seams or cracks in the box.

FAQ: How to Sell Gold and Silver Bullion

  1. When does the price of my BuyBack get locked in?

    Once your metals have been picked up by the carrier or dropped off at the USPS, email your registered mail or tracking code to You may also call us at 888-928-3390 to let us know your package has been shipped. Once this is done we will lock in the price of the buyback and send you a Purchase Order (PO) for your records. 
  2. How quickly will I receive my payment for the metals?

    Once the metals are received at our shipping and receiving location, you will receive an email notification. The metals are examined and correlated with the PO. We guarantee a check or wire transfer 1-3 business days after the metals have been received depending on buyback volume. 
  3. Are the metals I sell in the BuyBack Reportable?

    Some specific bullion is reportable in specific quantities, during a specific time frame. In these events, we are required to file Form 1099-B with the IRS. We reserve the right to deny buybacks on certain precious metals, in particular, if the metals are damaged.

In short, our service for selling precious metals is the best that we are aware of. We have been helping people nationwide for over 25 years safely and securely liquidate their precious metals either held privately, in a commercial vault, or in a Precious Metals IRA.

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