How to Sell Gold Bullion

how to sell gold bullion

One question that needs to be asked more often when people buy gold bullion is how to sell gold bullion. There is a process involved when you sell your metals, and it’s best that is understood before you buy.

There are several different options available when the time comes to sell gold bullion and other precious metals. Every situation is different, and you want to choose the most cost-effective and convenient way possible. The best way to sell your metals is the way that gets you paid fast but, most importantly, fair. 

  • Coin Shop:

    You may live where coin dealers have actual brick-and-mortar establishments. Getting paid cash on the barrelhead is appealing but comes with some drawbacks. Most of the time, you will get paid far less than your metals are worth. Privacy is yet another concern, and these days, privacy is huge!

  • Private Sale:

    Precious metals are easy to sell in the free market if you can find a buyer. A large network of investors buy and sell precious metals and bullion products. Nearly every city has coin shows where you can meet highly knowledgeable merchants. There are also online forums where you can get information anonymously.

  • Online Dealer:

    These days, most investors buy and sell gold bullion through an online dealer. In most cases, you can call your broker and lock in a sale price on the spot. Another benefit is that you can handle the transaction privately and on your terms. The drawback is that you must pay shipping and insurance charges. The primary way to ship precious metals is through the US Postal Service.


If you have questions regarding how to sell gold bullion or any other precious metals, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to call us at 888-928-3390 and we can walk you through the steps for safely shipping your precious metals.

Scott Hage
Monetary Specialist

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