Inflation is Sinking the Ship!

inflation is sinking the ship

In this segment, we will discuss how inflation is sinking the ship! As our once mighty economy of a couple of years ago sinks deeper into the abyss, people nationwide struggle to make ends meet. This financial crisis is a gut punch to the middle class, otherwise known as the heartbeat of America. The Federal Government and its fiscal policies have put millions in financial peril. To make matters worse, the regime`s signature Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 adds 87,000 new IRS agents to the payroll who will police an already over-taxed population. Our country is now so divided we cannot agree on what “recession” means.

Imagine you are one who dutifully worked 45 years, raised a family, and saved 3-400K for retirement. Not a lot of money these days, and with the rising rate of inflation, simply not enough to survive without the government’s help. Now imagine you don’t have anything saved for retirement, and you are working check to check to raise a family; you can see where I am headed with this. You are sadly mistaken if you think you will have a better life by taking home less money and paying more for the essentials.

And where will the government get its money?

The simple answer is by taxing you more and printing more money. So what happens to that American family that saved every penny for 45 years cutting corners to raise a family? This is where the wheels fall off. This is where there is no more middle class, no jobs, no fishing trips with your grandkids. This is where there is no law and order, and people are no longer safe to walk down the street. This is where the American dream dies, and the New World Order begins.

There will be no more political rallies with thousands of Patriotic Americans shouting U-S-A! You can forget your right to fly the American flag in your front yard. There will be no more “history,” if you are on the wrong side of this ideology, you will be erased, incarcerated, or worse. Your rights and ability as an American to build and run a business from the ground up will no longer exist. 

The United States of America is at war with itself.

It is losing its independence and its glory by the day. You must act now if you ever believed in the American Dream, where freedom reigned and civility mattered. Inflation is Sinking the Ship!

Scott Hage
Monetary Specialist

PS. Millions of Americans are now wondering how they will pay their utilities and put food on the table. If you want to protect your assets from the insidious effects of inflation, call us today at 888-928-3390 for a free consultation. 

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