Is Gold a Good Investment?

Is Gold a Good Investment?

One of the questions people have asked for many years, is gold a good investment? To answer this you must understand what an investment really is. Typically a good investment is something that pays you back more than what you paid for it after factoring in inflation and time. Everybody knows the US dollar buys much less than it did 20 years ago, so what can you do about this today? Where exactly are today’s good investments?

Is Gold a Good Investment?

People ask us why is gold a good investment? Our usual response is, it’s not! At least by today’s standards. Investors today need income especially with the exploding costs of services and goods we consume daily. This is where the slope gets slippery because today’s investments all carry heavy asterisks. Its buyer beware in the Big Apple even the financial planners have deer in the headlight syndrome. At the end of the day their data is unpredictable, biased and flawed. There are many geo-political issues, not to mention a very unstable and unethical government to consider. 

So let me explain why is gold a good investment? Easy explanation: it cannot ever be worth zero. It will never default. You cannot create it out of thin air. It does not require a personal guarantee, or that of a nearly insolvent bank. Furthermore it does not require the full faith and guarantee of the US government. It is independent of all this and has a track record as money or wealth dating back thousands of years. It’s extremely liquid, portable and private no matter the economic environment. You could almost say it’s the perfect form of money since it owes no debt.

Protect Your Portfolio

Any portfolio today that doesn`t include gold, particularly gold bullion is not a solid portfolio. The investment landscape has changed dramatically post pandemic, and if you expect to keep your wealth intact long term we recommend you buy gold at the current levels why it’s still available, and legal to buy. 

Scott Hage
Monetary Specialist

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