Should I Buy Gold or Silver

Should I Buy Gold or Silver

Generally speaking, those interested in precious metals and who want to protect their assets from inflation have a decision: should I buy gold or silver? This is a great question; there are many debating factors to consider before making any choice. There is no simple answer, as every portfolio and individual is different. 

How to Protect Your Assets

The goals might be different. For example, is it a short-term hold or a long-term hold? The financial situation could be different. For example, is the investor part of the 1% wealthiest crowd, or is it someone who has worked their entire life only to accumulate a smaller amount for retirement? Storage is yet another thing to consider, whereas 1 ounce of gold takes up a lot less space than its equivalence in silver which today is 90 ounces.

But the real answer to the question – should I buy gold or silver is simple: both! People diversify for several reasons. Not many years ago 17 ounces of silver was equivalent to 1 ounce of gold, today it’s 90:1. This scenario makes silver look mighty attractive when you factor in history. Today’s economy demands diversification; there’s too much volatility and risk. You have to cover all the bases!

Diversified Precious Metals Portfolio

It just doesn’t make sense not to have these kinds of conversations, even if it’s with yourself. Many people are trying to decide whether I buy gold or silver, but what it boils down to in the end is your personal preference. A well-balanced portfolio could be key to your financial survival. If you’re top-heavy in dollars while the dollar is being heavily inflated, there’s a good chance that gold and silver bullion could be unaffordable at some point! 

We advise your precious metals portfolio be well diversified with a 20 – 40% position in gold bullion and a 30 – 50% position in silver bullion. Plan on holding on to it long term. 


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