The Best Way to Buy Silver Bullion

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In this segment, we will discuss, The Best Way to Buy Silver Bullion. Silver bullion has seen unprecedented demand the past 18 months, for unprecedented reasons. As the financial arena becomes more complex, a growing number of investors worldwide have turned their attention to precious metals bullion. Wise investors who seek an alternative to other mainstream investment vehicles, like the idea of having a portion of their assets allocated in precious metals bullion for a number of reasons. Silver bullion in particular is highly coveted by investors who want to preserve their wealth with something tangible, an insurance policy if inflation gets out of control. 

Analysts believe silver has a great deal of upside potential. Silver is such a unique precious metal that is utilized globally for industrial, manufacturing, technology, aerospace and so much more. It is believed the above ground supply of silver is at an all time low. Furthermore, silver has no real substitute for many of the applications mentioned above. If you look around your house you may be amazed at just how much silver you actually already have!

There are a number of ways in which one can own silver bullion. Silver rounds and silver coins are the most popular way to buy silver bullion. Here are a few things to consider before you make the decision to add silver bullion to your portfolio.

Silver Rounds:

  • Minted by a private mint and can not be used as legal tender.
  • Typically carry a lower premium vs a silver coin.
  • If specs and requirements are met can be added to a precious metals IRA. 
  • Contains pure .999 fine silver 
  • Available in several different weight increments with the most popular being 1 ounce. 

Silver Coins:

  • Minted by a “sovereign” mint with strict government approved specs.
  • Typically carries a higher premium by the ounce than silver rounds.
  • Most silver coins are precious metals IRA eligible
  • Contains pure .999 fine silver or higher.
  • 1 oz silver coins are the most popular with the American Silver Eagle leading the way. 

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