What’s Going On With Gold and Silver?

whats going on with gold and silver?

What’s going on with Gold and Silver? If you think bullion is right for your portfolio, you should not be discouraged to BUY with the latest economic forecast. The entire precious metals complex is fighting an uphill battle with a stronger Dollar. Rising interest rates causing a deflationary trend, and an economy mired in a recession has a strong grip on the price of metals. This activity with rising interest rates will continue until inflation is controlled. 

The best time to buy gold and silver bullion is when the price is down. If the price goes lower yet, buy more. You will find the best strategy for buying bullion is having a cost average that reflects the buy low sell high mentality. It is also important to remember why you buy gold and silver bullion in the first place, To Protect Your Assets!

Ask yourself if the safest store of wealth is in the Dollar? Or is it an asset that cannot be artificially inflated and created outta thin air? At the rate our government is inflating the Dollar, your best offset will be the precious metals you buy at the bottom of the cycle, not at the top. Your bullion is the best tool you have in your war chest for keeping your wealth intact!

If you have higher than normal exposure to the Dollar and all of your assets are based in Dollar`s, we advise you to remember the big picture and think longer term. The action by the Fed to raise rates with the biggest increases since 1994,  is the only tool they have for slowing down inflation. It is a short term solution to a long term systemic problem. 

At the rate global ETF`s are dumping gold and silver, it is our advice to take advantage of the discount you will pay for your bullion today. Get ahead of the curve and you will reap the rewards later. Do not wait for the price to go higher and think you can jump into the bullion market without over paying. The price you will pay for waiting could be detrimental to your financial future.

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Scott Hage
Monetary Specialist


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