Your IRA is IT Safe?

Your IRA is it safe?

Your IRA is IT Safe? You have worked your entire adult life building a retirement portfolio to support the lifestyle you dream of having. With some losses along the way, you managed to keep your nest egg intact with prudent investing decisions, sage advice, and cutting back on your spending when you had to. Now you are in a position to kick back and enjoy the fruits of a lifetime of labor, take the grandkids fishing, travel abroad, and see the world, let autopilot take over for a while right? WRONG!! The stakes have never been higher now that you have reached this pinnacle. Do not make the same mistakes many before you have made; keep ALL of your retirement wealth connected to Wall Street and the US dollar.

Believe it or not, YOU are now in your wealth-protection years and not so much in your wealth-building years. The old saying, “A good plan today is better than a great plan tomorrow”, has never made more sense. Who can forget Black Monday, October 1987, or ten years later with the “mini-crash” of 1997, caused by the Asian economic crises? Of course, the dot-com bubble debacle caught everyone off guard, but that was nothing compared to 11 September 2001. The financial crisis of 2007 – 2008 was considered by many financial experts to be the greatest market collapse since the stock market crash of 1929. My question for you today is this: Will YOUR nest egg survive the next great financial crisis? This is a serious conversation, folks!! So let’s have it….

Is it Time for the Precious Metals IRA?

On one hand, US investors have never had more at stake, nor has there ever been higher exposure to market risk. On the other hand, if you sit on the sideline, you could miss out on one of the biggest investing bonanzas of our time. Welcome to 2019! Investors today are caught in the crosshairs of several varying circumstances. The mess in the EU, with the U.K. scheduled to leave the union in late March (Brexit), Iranian sanctions, an over-the-top Chinese debt bubble, unstable stock markets worldwide, more tariffs, North Korea, Russia you name it! With nearly thirty “trillion” US dollars currently sitting in retirement portfolios alone, we think its that time for investors to take a deep breath, pause, and learn more about the precious metals IRA.

If you believe in the old “art” of diversification, it may be time to familiarize yourself with the precious metals IRA. This is a program that is ignored by most financial advisors, and Wall Street`s leading financial institutions. The reason for this is because precious metals bullion products like gold, silver and platinum bars and coins do not generate commissions over and over like traditional assets held in IRA`s like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and exchange traded funds. For this reason the precious metals IRA is rarely mentioned or offered to investors who want to protect their retirement assets, and who are less interested in speculation.

Wall Street has done a great job of discrediting precious metals in favor of securities and other government backed programs. This is their job. But we really do not look at precious metals in particular bullion products like gold and silver coins and bars as an investment. Instead we refer to these products and this program as more of an insurance policy.

Investors who take advantage of the precious metals IRA receive tax benefits either now or in the future, while also owning an asset that is considered by investors worldwide as the ultimate form of wealth. There are 3 easy steps to setting up a precious metals IRA

  • Open a Self Directed IRA Account.

    Midwest Bullion Exchange partners with several qualified IRA custodians that administer the precious metals IRA.

  • Get Your Self Directed IRA Account Funded.

    Once the account has been opened your funds are simply transferred into your new account with the assistance of the custodian.

  • Contact MBE Inc. and purchase metals.

    Our advisers guide you through this process and can be contacted at 888-928-3390 onc the IRA is funded.

The metals are stored in an approved depository of the investors choice. The Self Directed IRA functions like any other IRA you may have with the exception being you hold certified investment grade bullion products from the world’s leading mints and manufacturers, instead of paper!

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