Is Now the Time to Buy Silver Bullion Online?

Is Now the Time to Buy Silver Bullion Online?

Hundreds of companies on the web offer future price predictions for silver. In reality, the majority of this information is recycled and re-written by people who are in the business of selling silver. We have found the best information is provided by analysts who have nothing to gain by the future price one way or the other.

Finding people who fit into that category is tough; however, they are out there. What we have seen over the years are cycles. These cycles consist of periods when people buy silver and when people do not. Unfortunately, too many silver “experts” are out there whose primary agenda is selling silver bullion, no matter where we are in a cycle.

Silver is an amazing asset and metal. There is no viable substitute for silver, and it has thousands of uses in technology, manufacturing, industry, etc. Silver is finite, and a massive amount has been used and disposed of because of its unique properties and uses. According to the Silver Institute, silver has far greater demand than supply. With this in mind, we believe there is a substantial opportunity ahead for silver. Is Now the Time to Buy Silver Bullion Online?

So why exactly does it seem the price has languished for years? With inflation running rampant, out-of-control spending and debt, and geopolitical fears unlike any we have seen, one would think silver prices would be sky–high! If you have been listening to the “experts” on the web, we cannot blame you for feeling confused.

Is Silver a Good Investment? This is the first question you should ask to determine what you are looking for in an investment. Silver bullion is a bad choice if you are looking for income, interest, or dividends. If you desire to own an asset that is liquid, portable, private, has extreme upside potential, and is default-proof, silver bullion is the perfect choice.

Again, why has silver seemingly underperformed? This in itself is one of the greatest questions of all time. But first, you need to understand who benefits the most with a lower silver price. (hint: YOU!) Whether you are trying to cost average higher cost silver bullion you may already own or considering your first purchase, The lower you buy, the more ounces you can acquire relative to the dollars you spend.

  • The US Dollar: As of this writing, the USD Currency Index is 104.275. Theoretically, this is artificially high and is being propped up by the Federal Reserve. The last thing the Federal Reserve wants or needs is for people to put their faith in silver and not USD-denominated assets. The handwriting is on the wall for the USD as the global reserve currency, as the BRICS countries (36% of global GDP) have already begun dumping petrodollars for their own currency. By keeping the price of silver lower, the USD and the big banks have less competition to buy it themselves.
  • Central Banks: The world’s largest central banks have been stockpiling gold and silver bullion for centuries. By beating the price down through the “paper” markets (futures), etc., they are able to stack more of the physical metals into their vaults. It is common knowledge JP Morgan has the largest amount of silver bullion held in their COMEX vault of all time. It is well documented that JP Morgan has been shorting the metal for years while buying physical.
  • Industrial Sectors: Because silver has no substitute in millions of different applications, large Wall Street companies don’t want to pay top dollar for their silver. Paying a higher price cuts into their profit margins and earnings, which affects their stock price. Again, this is a primary reason the price has been manipulated for years by the entities that use and buy the most of it.

So, to answer the question, Is Now the Time to Buy Silver Bullion Online? The simple answer is there has never been a better time in history to buy silver bullion!

Scott Hage
Monetary Specialist




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