Why Buy Silver Bullion Online?

Silver has long held the intrigue of investor’s worldwide for its upside potential, and its practicality for trade and barter. For the past several years the price of silver has been stuck in a range which has created an imbalance where the miners cannot turn a profit. Furthermore, the above ground supply and government stockpiles are at an all-time low. Is this the perfect storm silver bugs have been talking about for years? With industrial demand for silver on the rise, where will the silver come from? Here are some different ways you can buy silver bullion online.

Silver Coins:
Silver coins are produced by some of the oldest and most prestigious government mints worldwide. Most silver coins have characteristics that designate them as legal tender, and are guaranteed by the government that issues them for weight, purity and pure silver content. Silver coins are great for collecting since they are dated, and are also a favorite holding in the Precious Metals IRA.
Silver Rounds:
Unlike silver coins, silver rounds are straight bullion and sell for close to the silver spot price. Whereas silver coins are minted and guaranteed by the government, and are considered legal tender, silver rounds are minted by private mints. Silver rounds are great for the investor who wants a smaller unit, but does not want to pay the higher premium silver coins command.
90% Junk Silver:
People who buy 90% junk silver like its lower premium compared to other silver bullion products. The survivalist community loves it for trade and barter, and its high bullion content. We recommend every precious metals portfolio should have 90% junk silver as a play on silver bullion, and because simply put its practical! Oh and let’s not forget it is “Legal Tender”!
Silver Dollars:
For many generations US silver dollars have been hoarded by collectors and investors. A rare date or low mintage silver dollar can be worth thousands over melt. In 1918, the “Pittman Act” saw more than 270 million silver dollars melted on account of low demand and supply. Today, silver dollars are sold individually as part of a collection, and sold by the bag to investors.
Silver Bars:

 There is a wide variety of silver bars available in the market place. These bars are produced by private mints that adhere to strict guidelines regarding weight and purity. Silver bars are great for storage and have a lower premium over the silver spot price when compared to other silver products. Some bars are considered “premium” (Higher demand – investment grade), while others are considered “generic” (generally not a “good delivery” product)

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