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Before initiating the shipping process for your metals, please reach out to us. We will inform you of the payment amount we can offer for your metals, the timing to lock in the price, and provide guidance on proper packaging methods.

If you possess graded numismatic coins or any pre-1934 gold or silver coins that you intend to sell, kindly give us a call. We are also able to assist you in liquidating a precious metals IRA or establishing a new one.

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Call us at (888) 928-3390 to lock in your price.

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Package Securely

We advise you to double box the items you intend to sell. Make sure to apply brown paper tape exclusively to cover all seams of the outer box.
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Lock in Price

When you contact us with the package registration number, we lock in the buyback price. Subsequently, you will receive an email confirmation providing a comprehensive overview of the transaction.
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Ship Products

Package must be shipped Insured US Mail Service only. The limit for insurance is $50,000.
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Receive Payment

Once we receive your package, you will promptly receive a confirmation of goods receipt. After verifying the receipt of metals, we will issue a check and send it to you via US Mail.

How to Sell your Precious Metals

When you decide to sell your metals, several steps need to be completed to ensure you receive fair market value and a smooth sale.

Firstly, take inventory of the metals you intend to sell. Next, gain an understanding of the current market price for those specific metals. This allows you to align your expectations with the true value of your metals in the marketplace. Lastly, review the original paperwork you received when purchasing the metals and confirm that what you’re selling matches the details in your original documentation.

Gold bar and coins

Next, you must determine to whom you will sell your precious metals. Numerous options exist, including a brick-and-mortar (B&M) dealer in your local area or an online dealer. Generally, online dealers are capable of offering you a significantly higher payment compared to a local B&M dealer. This discrepancy arises from the fact that B&M dealers have considerably higher overhead costs than online dealers. Consequently, B&M dealers tend to provide much lower bids for your metals. Additionally, it is crucial to consider privacy. Your safety and security are always paramount, and it is not advisable for members of your community to have knowledge of your ownership of precious metals.

Sell Gold & Silver - Inspecting a Silver Coin

After that, we recommend that you create a “packing slip” outlining the items you are shipping, including quantity, serial numbers and any other relevant information to assist our shipping and receiving personnel upon the package’s arrival. Remember, it is important to ensure that you place the packing slip inside the box with the metals before sealing it for shipping.

To safeguard the value of your metals, it is advisable to obtain insurance coverage for the contents of your package. The United States Postal Service – Registered Mail service is the optimal choice for comprehensive insurance of your metals. USPS provides insurance coverage for your package up to $50,000.00. Additionally, they supply you with a tracking code, enabling you to monitor the progress of your package until it reaches our delivery dock. Once there, it is signed for by our dedicated receiver and undergoes a thorough check-in process. It is important to note that other major courier services do not provide insurance coverage for precious metals, coins and bullion.

Sell Gold & Silver - Filling out a Packing Slip

We always recommend using two boxes, one placed inside the other, when shipping precious metals. Also, securely tape the inner box tightly, ensuring it fits snugly within the outer box. Finally, properly secure and tape the outer box as well.

To ensure USPS handles the package properly, apply brown paper tape to any seams on the box. USPS stamps the box multiple times, and plastic tape does not adhere well to the stamp. Tighten the packing of your metals within the box to prevent movement and minimize noise if the box is shaken. If you have a tube that is only half full of coins, add paper or styrofoam popcorn to prevent the coins from jostling. Additionally, it’s worth noting that brown paper tape and a sponge for application are often provided by USPS at the counter.

Sell Gold & Silver - Shipping Boxes

Now it’s time to lock in the sale and proceed with shipping the package. At this time, contact your representative to establish the price for the sale. Once both parties agree on the offered bid price, the order is locked in, ensuring that a sale has been executed and the ounces are hedged to protect against potential market deterioration. Once the seller makes a verbal commitment, they are obligated to deliver the package to the post office within 2 business days. You will receive a purchase order detailing the product, quantity, and sale price for your metals.

Please note that most dealers, including Private Bullion, appreciate it if you send them the tracking code ( once the shipment is made. This will assist the dealer in easily identifying the package and expediting the processing.

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Things to Consider

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The value of a gold Kg bar exceeds the limit set by USPS. Any value exceeding $50,000 could potentially expose you to loss.

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Silver is heavy. We do not advise you to ship 1000 oz silver bars because of the weight and the possibility the packaging can break.

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It is easy to sell metals held in your Precious Metals IRA. After the sale is made and the proceeds are available, the funds are transferred to your account.

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If you have metals held in a reputable storage facility, we can assist you with the liquidation process.

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It is highly advisable that you retain the records of the transaction; keeping records helps with tracking the value and history of the bullion.

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If you’ve made it this far, you are serious about selling your metals.

We would advise you to call us during our business hours at (888) 928-3390, email us at, or fill out this form and let us know of your intent. A representative will reply by the next business day.

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