At Private Bullion, we believe gold and silver bullion is secondary to valuable information that today’s leading bullion companies do not share with their customers.

Today’s marketplace is overcrowded with companies solely aiming to sell precious metals. We believe our customers deserve to know the facts before investing their hard-earned dollars.

On your first day after deciding to buy gold and silver bullion, you are already upside down in the investment, a whopping 5% – 10%! If the market price goes lower, that number increases. This is rarely discussed by any companies that sell precious metals.

A good question that 99% of today’s bullion customers fail to ask when they buy gold and silver bullion: If I buy from you today, how much will you pay me if I sell it back tomorrow?

Private Bullion is different. Our membership is designed to provide an inside look into the bullion business so investors can make better decisions before they buy.

There are 3 membership levels available:

Starter ($99) This membership is for those just starting out
(I)   Getting Started – How to Buy Bullion Like A Pro
(II) Monthly Newsletter – Precious Metals Underground
(III) Member Coupon – Buy 5K of popular select bullion products at dealer cost.

Elite ($199) All the benefits of the Beginner Membership with the addition of:
(I) Precious Metals IRA consultation & setup by appointment only.
(II) A copy of The Official Red Book: A Guidebook of United States Coins (2024 edition)
(III) Member Coupon – Buy 25K of popular select bullion products at dealer cost.

Premier ($299) All the benefits of the Elite Membership with the addition of:
(I)   Free Shipping on ALL orders
(II) 30 Minute Consultation with our Monetary Specialist (by appointment only)
(III) Member Coupon – Buy 100K of popular select bullion products at dealer cost.

With our annual membership, you will learn the following:

  • How Much Am I Paying in Commission?
  • Do I Pay Sales Tax
  • Is My Transaction Reportable
  • Can My Bullion Be Confiscated?
  • How Do I Sell My Gold and Silver Bullion
  • Is the Precious Metals IRA Right for Me

You will also receive bonus material, including:

  • How to Buy Bullion Like a Pro
  • Bullion Product information
  • Bullion Marketplace Commentary
  • Winning Bullion Strategies
  • How and Where to Store Your Bullion
  • How to Sell Bullion at Dealer Cost

Private Bullion endeavors to be America’s #1 Bullion Company! Don’t make the same mistake millions of Americans have already made. This is your chance to get ahead in the game.

Our Goal: We are motivated to educate and help people who want to protect their assets with precious metals. Our top priority and corporate mandate is to give more for less!

Our Experience: With over 30 years of experience in the bullion business, we have built relationships with nearly every top mint and supplier worldwide.

Our Mission: We want to be the company that every American dreams about when the decision is made to purchase precious metals.






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