90% Junk Silver Liberty Walking Half Dollars

90% Junk Silver Liberty Walking Half Dollars

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90% junk silver Liberty Walking half dollars stand out as timeless symbols of American numismatic heritage. Minted from 1916 to 1947, these coins, adorned with Lady Liberty in graceful stride, holding both historical significance and intrinsic value, making them sought-after assets for trade and barter.

Designed by renowned sculptor Adolph A. Weinman, the obverse of the Liberty Walking half dollar showcases the elegant figure of Lady Liberty, draped in the American flag and carrying branches of oak and laurel, symbolizing strength and prosperity. The reverse features a majestic eagle perched on a rock, capturing the essence of freedom and resilience. The coin’s stunning design has earned it a place of admiration among collectors worldwide.

The allure of these half dollars in trade and barter lies in their 90% silver composition, combined with their fractional value. With 90% silver and 10% copper, the coins weigh 12.5 grams, adding to their intrinsic worth beyond their face value of 50 cents. The term “junk silver” refers to their lack of rarity as numismatic collectibles, yet their precious metal content makes them valuable commodities.

During times of economic uncertainty, when traditional fiat currencies may falter, the silver content in Liberty Walking half dollars serves as a safeguard against inflation, providing a tangible and stable medium of exchange. Their fractional nature makes them practical for smaller transactions and everyday bartering, especially when electronic payment systems are inaccessible.

  • $1 FV = 2 half dollars
  • $100 FV = 200 half dollars
  • $1000 FV = 2000 half dollars

(FV = Face Value)

The historical significance of these half dollars further enhances their appeal in trade and barter. Born during the early 20th century, a period marked by great events and transformation in American history, the Liberty Walking half dollar bears witness to the nation’s progress and spirit of resilience. Holding these coins in hand evokes a sense of connection to the past and adds a layer of value to the exchanges in which they are used.

90% junk silver Liberty Walking half dollars exemplify the enduring legacy of American numismatic history and hold practical utility in trade and barter. Their silver content, fractional value, and captivating design make them cherished assets for collectors and investors, while their intrinsic worth ensures they remain a trusted medium of exchange in times of economic uncertainty. As tangible links to the past and valuable resources for the present, these coins embody the resilience and lasting value that continue to make them prized and relevant in the ever-changing world of numismatics and precious metal investing.

Each coin contains .36169 oz pure silver, andd is shipped “as-is”.





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