The Difference Between a Silver Coin and a Silver Round

1 oz Incuse Indian Silver Round

Silver rounds are extremely popular for many reasons. Silver bullion investors like having a smaller unit of .999 fine silver vs. a larger silver bullion bar or a silver bullion coin with a much higher price per ounce. Let’s explore some of the benefits, and you decide what makes better sense.

So, what exactly is a silver round? To begin with, a round is minted by a private mint and not a sovereign mint. A silver round is priced closer to the silver market “spot price,” whereas a silver coin is minted by a sovereign mint such as the US Mint or the Royal Canadian Mint. A silver round is pegged closer to the spot price or market value. A silver bullion coin includes the value of the metal with the addition of a premium.

It is common for people to refer to or mistake a round as a coin. There are many similar characteristics, such as the reeded edge commonly seen on a coin. The shape, size, and even the design sometimes confuse people into thinking the round is a coin. In many cases, a round will have the design of a famous coin but is nothing more than a replica of a coin.

Several private mints produce silver rounds right here in the United States. The Golden State Mint, Highland Mint, SilverTowne Mint, and Sunshine Mint produce some of the highest-quality rounds. These mints produce world-class silver bullion products certified as investment grade, making them eligible to be held in the Precious Metals IRA.

A silver bullion coin is usually easy to spot. It will include a date, a mint mark, and usually the country of origin. Although silver bullion coins are typically mass-produced, certain silver bullion coins have a limited mintage, making them highly sought after by collectors. Most importantly, a silver bullion coin is stamped with a dollar value, which is honored by the country of origin and makes it legal tender.

At the end of the day, a round and a coin may contain the same amount of pure investment-grade silver, but the coin will generally cost considerably more per ounce.

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